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Idea stuck in the starting blocks? Our MVP service sprints it to reality. We craft high-impact prototypes, fast, focusing on core features that solve real user problems. Get valuable market validation and iterate based on feedback, minimizing risk and maximizing learning.

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Welcome to Softxmind

Founded in 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Softxmind Limited is a passionate and driven technology company with a clear mission: to become a trusted technology partner for businesses seeking success. We help businesses of all sizes and across various industries leverage the power of technology to achieve their goals.


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We have built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality technology solutions that cater to diverse needs and markets.

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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of technology solutions to cater to your diverse needs, including:

MVP Development Service

Launch fast, gather feedback, and build the product users love. Save time, and cost, and reduce risk. Iterate based on world insights.

Custom Software Development Service

Craft software built exactly for your needs. Boost efficiency, solve unique problems, and gain a competitive edge.

E-Commerce Solution

Build your online storefront with our custom e-commerce solutions. Boost sales, expand reach, and scale with confidence.

Web Application Development Service

Craft powerful web applications that solve your unique needs and engage your users. Let's bring your vision to life online.

Mobile Application Development Service

Engage users on the go with our mobile app development expertise. Reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

MVP Development Service

Turn your vision into reality - fast and smart

Have a brilliant idea bubbling in your head but unsure how to make it a reality? Our MVP Development Service is here to be your launchpad.

Think fast, test quick, win big

We understand the importance of validating your concept before investing heavily, and that’s where our expertise comes in.

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  • In the crowded tech landscape, finding a true partner can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But at Softxmind, we stand out. Here’s how:

    1. We Think Beyond Code:

    We’re not just developers; we’re strategists, consultants, and storytellers. We don’t just build solutions; we understand your business, identify your unique challenges, and craft tech solutions that directly address them.

    2. We Craft Bespoke Solutions, Not Off-the-Shelf Products:

    Every business is unique, and your tech solutions should be too. We reject the one-size-fits-all approach, taking the time to deeply understand your needs and goals before building custom solutions that perfectly integrate with your existing infrastructure and processes.

    3. We Embrace Agility and Collaboration:

    In today’s fast-paced world, adaptability is key. We use agile methodologies to ensure flexibility and continuous improvement, while fostering close collaboration throughout the development process. Your feedback is invaluable, and we actively incorporate it to refine and deliver solutions that work for you.

    4. We Focus on Long-Term Relationships, Not Just One-Off Projects:

    We believe in building lasting partnerships with our clients. We’re not just here to deliver and disappear; we’re here to continuously support your growth. We offer ongoing maintenance, support, and consultation, ensuring your solutions evolve alongside your business.

    5. We’re Passionate About Innovation and Pushing Boundaries:

    We’re not content with the status quo. We actively explore emerging technologies and innovative approaches to deliver solutions that give you a competitive edge. We’re driven by a genuine desire to help you succeed, and we’re constantly seeking ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

    Partner with Softxmind and experience the difference. We’re not just your tech provider; we’re your trusted partner in the digital age.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our projects. If you’re not happy with the final product, we’ll work with you to address your concerns and make revisions until you’re satisfied. Additionally, we provide warranties on specific services as defined in our contracts.

Our turnaround time varies depending on the complexity and scope of your project. We’ll provide you with an estimated timeline after a thorough consultation and requirement gathering process. However, we understand the importance of timeliness and work closely with you to meet your deadlines.

We believe in open and transparent communication. We use a variety of channels to stay connected with you, including:

  • Regular project meetings: We hold scheduled meetings to discuss progress, address concerns, and gather feedback.
  • Dedicated project manager: Each project has a dedicated point of contact who is readily available to answer your questions and address your needs.
  • Online collaboration tools: We use project management and communication platforms to share documents, updates, and tasks in real-time.

We prioritize client satisfaction and take your concerns seriously. If you’re not happy with the final product, please let us know immediately. We’ll work collaboratively to understand your concerns and identify solutions. Our revision process ensures your final product meets your expectations.

Our pricing model is flexible and depends on the specific needs of your project. We offer hourly rates, fixed-price projects, and retainer agreements. We will work with you to develop a pricing plan that fits your budget.

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